Fishing Marabou Jigs with Seth Feider

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Seth Feider

Don’t let the size fool you, these tiny marabou jigs catch big bass.

Seth Feider is known as one of the best anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series when it comes to smallmouth bass. He is always a threat to win when there are brown bass present. One of his top techniques is a small marabou jig that bears his name, the Outkast Tackle Feider Fly Marabou Jig.


The author with his first fish on the Feider Fly.
The author with his first fish on the Feider Fly.

Bass anglers tend to impart action on baits no matter what. Walking the dog, slow rolling a spinnerbait, swimming a jig: the list goes on. For this bait, Feider says the key is a slow and steady retrieve. “If I am not in a tournament, I would just troll it. It works best with no twitching or extra movement, just steady reeling,” he shares

Tightlining or Pendulum Fishing

Another successful way to fish the Feider Fly is to locate large boulders and cast to them. “You hold you rod tip up and let it pendulum down on a tight line. It is usually a really subtle bite and a lot of times you will see them come up and grab it from the boulder,” says Fedier.

Sight Fishing for Cruisers

One place that this bait shines is in one of the most challenging situations for most anglers, cruising post-spawn bass. “After they spawn and are cruising along flats this is one of the best ways to catch them. Cast it out past them and just reel it back towards them,” shares Feider.

Rod, Reel and Line Choices

His rod of choice was released earlier this year, a Daiwa Tatula Elite that he had built specifically for casting this and other light lures. It is a medium light action and comes in a 7’6” length to get the best casting distance. “Most rods that length are too whippy and do not get a very good cast,” he says.

When it comes to reels, he prefers a Daiwa Steez EX 3012 and spools it up with the extremely light line, 6lb Sufix 832 braid with an 8lb fluorocarbon leader. He says the reel and line are vital to getting the long casts needed.

Color Selection

The Feider Fly comes in several colors, but Feider most often uses black or green pumpkin. “Black is standard, but I have had really good luck with the Damsel Green color when there is any type of bug hatch,” says the Minnesota pro. He also uses the shad and white colors anytime the fish are keying on minnows. “They are also great colors for southern smallmouth fisheries.”


Feider said the reason black is so successful could either be one of two things. “It could imitate a small baitfish or leech, but the silhouette is just as important. You usually fish this slowly 3-4 feet under the surface and I have seen them come up from 15ft of water to get it and I think black is just easier for them to see,” he says.

If you are looking for a new way to catch big smallmouth, the tiny hairjig may be it. Here is a video of Feider and crew fishing the hair jig.